The Fractal images presented on this site have been created by one of the members of the Durville family. We have discovered Fractal Art during the winter 2003-2004, and have been "playing" with Fractal images since then. 

Frederic was the first one to be involved in Fractals. He was first exposed to the science of Fractals during the course of his work as a scientist during the early years of this new science (mid-1980s). It was at that time more of a curiosity for him, keeping in touch with the evolution of the field of science. Now, it has become a more serious hobby activity for him (he still works a more regular job with his own company Optical Fiber Systems Inc) and most of the fractals displayed here are his own creation. Frederic is also a member of the Fine Art America community where you can purchase some his creations.

Suzanne was the one who re-discovered the Fractals as an art. As a fiber artist / weaver, she plays with weave patterns and yarn colors to create various  fabric textures and colors. As she was exploring new ways to express her creativity and generate various textures and color patterns, she stumbled upon the generation of Fractal images as a new form of art. After some dabbling in fractal art, she got Frederic involved in this relatively new art form. Her focus is now back onto fibers and other crafts as well as farming and soap making.

The other family member who got involved with Fractals is Alex. As a teenage artist, he was eager to try almost any new form of art to express his profuse creativity. He is now concentrating on less creative (and somewhat less exciting) activities as he studies computer sciences in college.

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